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Followup Re: GMOs and the Pesticide Arms Race: EPA Considering Testing Food for Roundup Residues

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As reported by Reuters and Food Safety News, the EPA is considering testing food products for residues of glyphosate, also known by the Monsanto brand name, Roundup.

The EPA has only tested for glyphosate in one year, 2011.  Although most soybean samples tested contained residues, all were below the exposure limit.  However, exposure to glyphosate occurs from a wide variety of products, so some consumers are concerned even about what appear to be relatively low levels, such as the 0.12 ppm found in the kids’ cereal, Froot Loops, and the .05 ppm found in organic honey.

Given the pervasive application of Roundup to non-organic crops and recent research supporting the hypothesis that glyphosate increases antibiotic resistance, testing for residues is a good first step.