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Fish Fraud: Still Rampant

Image credit: Oceana

Seafood fraud: the more things change, the more they stay the same. Species substitution is an economic fraud. It also puts people at risk of exposure to higher levels of mercury. Lastly, the substituted fish may have been caught in an environmentally destructive manner.

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Nacho cheese sauce blamed for botulism food poisoning cases in Sacramento

CNN is reporting an outbreak of botulism food poisoning allegedly caused by nacho cheese from a convenience store.

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RFID Improves Food Safety, Food Quality, and Food Integrity

Please see this episode of The RFID Network to watch my interview in which I discuss how RFID technology may be used to improve food safety, food quality, and food intergrity. 

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“Gluten Free” Update: Baker Behind Bars

Paul Seelig, the owner of Great Specialty Products, has been sentenced to 9-11 years in prison for falsely representing to his customers that his bread was gluten free.  According to testimony from one of his former employees, Mr. Seelig also told customers that his products were “homemade,” even though he apparently just repackaged baked goods he bought at various stores.

The takeaway message (other than the obvious: follow the law) is that customers rely on a company’s representations, so it is important for those representations to be correct, documented, and verifiable.  Even if Seelig had truthfully represented that he tested his products weekly, he failed to produce any records confirming this at trial.  “Get it in writing” is as true now as it ever was; do you think your customers expect (and pay for) any less?